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Grahamdalf Project ??‍♂️

We are excited to introduce you to “Graham-Dalf”! This project is an artificial intelligence bot that has been programmed with Graham Cooke’s answers to some of the myriad of questions he’s received from our Community over the last few years in BrilliantTV. The name comes from a group of Millennials who gave Graham the nickname: “Grahamdalf.”

What does it do?

The idea is to create an experience that’s like speaking to Graham himself. Using Graham’s answers, the AI Bot responds to similar theology questions that it has been trained to understand.

What I can ask Grahamdalf?

Firstly, this is a test version. So remember, it is only a few weeks old and is still learning! (How much did you know when you were 3 weeks old?) However, we hope you will be impressed by what it knows already. You can ask theological questions about sin, our new nature, promises, and a whole range of topics. Have fun trying it out!

How is my involvement helpful?

The more it gets used, the better this resource becomes! This happens in two ways. Firstly, the bot analyzes data (don’t worry, no personal data!) on how people use it, their questions, and the quality of answers. Secondly, Team Brilliant will use your feedback in the form below to make manual changes and improvements to the bot as well! 

Click the little blue question mark bubble in the bottom-right of your screen to try it out!

What do I ask?

Try asking questions on specific topics like “peace,” “trust,” “acceptance,or “faith!”

If you missed Michael’s announcement and demonstration video on BTV, you can view it here:

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