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Living on a Higher Place

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Growing In Favor.

Our starting point, in any situation in life, is His favor. Because He is always present, His favor is always present. As you have heard me say, He has been to all your tomorrows. He has gone before you in everything, the good and the not so good.

In this, we are developing favor as a way of life, and we are learning how to walk out truth by the power of the Holy Spirit. When the enemy comes against you, you’ve got an opportunity to practice your postional, relationship with Christ. You don’t have to fight, strive or persevere through your difficulty. Let God’s favor contend with that.

Beloved, you simply persevere in the favor that is yours. You get to persevere in the unchanging faithfulness and goodness of God. 

Your circumstances might not bow to favor right away, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. In those times, you are training to become MORE than an overcomer. And at the end of the day, you’ll not just have survived what you are going through, you’ll have thrived through it.

P.S. This clip is from Episode 4 of “Constant, Continuous Favor”. For more check out Brilliant TV .


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Our starting point is always the God is present. Therefore His favor is always present. He is the God that has gone before us. That’s a non-negotiable in our perceptions and in our thinking. When the situations of life try to give evidence to the contrary, we need to recognize that we’re being trained in favor. 

If we want to develop favor as a way of life, then we develop the art of walking out the truth, by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

We must understand God’s process of development in our lives, and love the learning that develops our relationship with Him. When the enemy wants to contend with you, your practicing your positional relationship, as a joint heir in Christ. Let God’s favor contend with your circumstances. 

You’re learning to choose the truth of God’s favor every day, until your situation becomes favorable. There are times that we are learning to persevere in favor and in the Lord. Beloved, you never persevere in the crisis or the chaos. That’s not your focus. 

Your focus and perseverance is in God’s unchanging faithfulness, and goodness. That’s what you get up and think about every day. That’s what you rejoice in. 

Sometimes it takes a while for your situation, to bow to the goodness of favor. That’s not a bad thing. That’s what is training you to be more than an overcomer. Focus determines your energy in a crisis, especially one that doesn’t resolve quickly. 

If you love focusing on favor, you’ll have the stamina to see it through. And when the breakthrough comes, you won’t have to clear out the debris of insecurity, bitterness or worry. You’ll have come into a new relationship with God, not having just survived, but actually thrived in your circumstances.

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