Right now, we have the opportunity to create a vision with God where we are learning something new about who He is. But we cannot learn these new truths without also changing the way we think about ourselves.

Our identity in Him is based on an alignment of our perception, mindset, and language.

Without paying attention to these three areas we can fall back into old patterns and default to that previous, inferior position because that new truth has not changed our mindset and language.

Our language should come into alignment with our new thinking so we can keep what we just learned from Him.

Then we are prepared to face similar situations and circumstances from this upgraded way of perceiving, thinking, and speaking.

The outcome: we handle the situation differently and get the desired breakthrough.

To learn more about experiencing a shift like this in your life, watch the clip above.

And then let me know what lens change you are going to make in order to see things in line with who God really is.

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