In the midst of the ups and downs and twists and turns of life, the promises of God for our lives remain true. They keep our focus on partnering with God no matter what is occurring around us and guide us into our future.

Because His promises are a reflection of His unchanging nature, they can be depended upon always. They aren’t something He has, but rather reveal who He is.

As they point us towards His nature, we find the permission, power, and strength to move forward into our inheritance and step into our identity.

Without our promises, we don’t know what to focus on and we can miss His intention for our lives.

My promises are my biggest reality and therefore need my focus because they represent the Kingdom coming into my circumstances. I love showing my promises to my circumstances and saying to them,

“You’d better shape up! I’m using this promise on you because it’s more real than you are!”

We can say this because we are not being challenged by our circumstances or even the enemy; we are really being challenged by the goodness of God. He is using every opportunity to reveal more of His goodness to us, so there is no need to focus on anything else.

Beloved, you have a choice: You are either going to use your circumstances to challenge the promise or you’re going to use your promise to challenge the circumstances.

The latter is key to staying focused so you can move into the territory God has for you.

When we focus on the promise, our vision and thinking changes, and we can expect something to happen because we are working backwards from the outcome. God loves working this way because He is able to put us in the space He wants us to operate from.

This keeps our focus on what He is doing and where He is taking us, so we can continue to walk in our destiny and grow in our identity.

Vision is born as we walk with God, cooperate with Him, and have the space to grow up into Christ in all things.

So what are you currently focusing on? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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