(This podcast is an excerpt of Chapter 3 from my new book, The Newness Advantage, read by yours truly).

There really is only one life to live. Christ in us provides the same power and privilege that He enjoys as the Son. When we live fully in Him, we walk in an expectation that will always be greater than our circumstances. This means there is only one life for us to be living: the life that He lives.

Beloved, there is no duality in Christ; there are not two lives trying to connect. There is only one life: Christ in you and you in Christ.

Christ in us provides all the same privilege as Jesus has with the Father. We have the same grace, power, and capacity as Jesus does in all things. We also have His perception, mindset, and language.

God holds nothing back from us in Christ.

All the earthly situations we encounter, come with a predetermined disposition that allows us to expect great things from Him and receive under pressure.

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