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How Are You Currently Traveling With God?


The Kingdom has many different modes for us to travel, such as walking with God through scripture, dreams, promises, and fellowship with Him and one another.

Our story must always be compatible with the promises for our journey. God not only knows His plans for us but He has also made the necessarily provisions for us to accelerate in our process of getting there.

As we engage with our journey, the Holy Spirit develops in us all the characteristics needed to travel with God on this Kingdom journey. We then get to discover how we can partner with Him to create the necessary focus that becomes our stance in the circumstances of life.

To learn more about how you can travel best with God, watch the video above.

PS) The video above comes from a mentoring series I taught on Brilliant TV by Graham Cooke called Story & Journey. If you are interested in going deeper in your travels with God, sign up for a free trial membership and watch the full series now.

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