The struggle with our old man is over. We no longer have to fight something that is dead!

Jesus permanently crucified your old man with Him. You can now join Him in only working on the new, true, real you!

Our transformation into the new man begins by changing how we think, see, and speak.

We have the opportunity to align ourselves with His reality! And changing our perception of how we SEE OURSELVES in Christ is key to living a life of freedom.

If interested, meditate on this “letter from God” and see what might change for you. These words He’s spoken to me time and time again have been instrumental in how I see, think, and speak about myself in Christ.

Beloved, you cannot bring old man perception, thinking, and language into a new covenant. You are a new creation, all the old has passed away, everything is different and new in Christ.

When people do not know how to walk with Us, they often default to a lesser way of thinking. This can lead them into areas of stress and struggle. They are detained by an impediment in their mindset, which does not allow them to proceed to a place of breakthrough.

Wanting new but thinking old is a sure sign that there is a blockage in the thinking process. People legitimize old thinking and turn it into an aspect of spiritual struggle, where they almost expect to be defeated, and make allowances for being overcome.

This is a religious learned helplessness that can never reflect Our Majesty, Sovereignty, and Supremacy. My child, if we are making you in Our image, then you must come up higher, so that like Us, you may see, think, speak, and act from another realm of life. We call it, being seated with Christ in Heavenly places.

Your old man with all those negative thoughts is dead. Your new man is constantly in Our Presence because We are your dwelling place in the Spirit. We make Our abode in you. We created a habitational culture so that you could live from Heaven to Earth. That is why We want you to set your mind on things above, not on things on the Earth. The person who would entertain earthbound thinking is dead. People who are dead do not struggle, they rest in peace.

I would love to hear about your breakthrough in the comments below.

Thanks for joining me on my journey of discovering Christ!


PS) This letter from God was pulled from The Nature of Freedom, my latest book. Learn more about it here.