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Living on a Higher Place

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How Rest Unlocks Your Inheritance.

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Rest is an integral part of our inheritance in the Kingdom because it gives us the capacity to view life from a God-conscious perspective and grows our confidence to inherit.

This empowers us to step into the assurance that God is not only present but He is actually working in our life situations. When we live in rest, we are empowered to think of all the possibilities God has for us and possess the possession He wants to give us.

Rest is the key to overcoming our trust issues so that we can receive our provisions, blessings, and ultimately the fullness of our inheritance.

To develop your practice of rest in your relationship with God, listen to the podcast above!

PS) You can learn more about how rest unlocks your inheritance in the Kingdom in my audio teaching, The Practice of Rest. It’s currently on sale this month at Brilliant Book House. Click here to order your copy now on CD or MP3.

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