Our identity in Christ is the bedrock of the foundation of our lives & the cornerstone of all of our plans for the future.

Only after we’ve received this sense of who we are from God can we begin to understand HOW we’re going to inhabit that identity—the action steps we are going to take and the confidence necessary to pursue it!

If we look at Caleb, one of the twelve spies to the Promise Land, the Lord gifted him with tremendous confidence. He stood with Joshua in telling the Israelites that Canaan could be conquered, and for that he was called ‘a man of different spirit.’ Scripture says in Numbers 14:24:

But My servant Caleb, because he has had a different spirit and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land which he entered, and his descendants shall take possession of it. 

I believe this different spirit was a warrior spirit, and nearly five decades later this warrior spirit claimed the Promised Land and conquered the giants.

Caleb’s story is our story, because he chose to face his situation from the lens of a man with a different spirit — a warrior’s spirit.

This perception empowered him to not back down. Instead, he became a warrior and a giant killer.

I know we all have things in our lives that we may feel like backing down from. But His reality for us is that we would see our circumstances with a different spirit. He wants to use those situations to make us victorious. Caleb is our model for a greater way of living our true identity in the Spirit!

When we live in our identity in Him, we stand tall in God’s sight.

This allows us to take the mantles that God has put before us with the anticipation of growing into them. When faced with the impossible, our identity rises with us, we become stronger because our spirit nature is taking on the challenge and we realize that we are created to kill giants!

When facing conflict or challenges, we need to remember to ask ourselves:

Who am in Christ – who has the Lord created me to be?

All of us have giants to face, but the size of our opponent is really a matter of perspective.

In Christ, we are great: warriors of legend, a people with no quit in them. Like Caleb, we are men and women who will not back down and who don’t accept surrender as an option.

Every confrontation, every battle against seemingly insurmountable odds is an opportunity to demonstrate our identities in the Kingdom where we’re all giant-killers. The kingdom where the bigger the giant, the harder it falls!

What’s the giant that comes to mind for you right now as you read this? Let me hear about it below in the comments and as you share, adopt that warrior spirit and tell us that it…will…fall! 🙂

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