One of my jobs as a breakthrough ministry is to go into a place, change the atmosphere and create a different environment.

We shift a negative atmosphere by partnering with God to establish a new environment in which heaven can easily connect with earth because they share the same atmospheric conditions.

The enemy seeks to create a passive environment clouded with pessimism and resignation to the status quo. We must, in return, understand the importance of checking out the atmosphere that is around us so we can partner with God to change it!

Did you ever stop to consider that God placed YOU in a certain job, church, neighborhood or family so you could partner with Him to create space for who He wants to be in that place?

A primary way of creating a healthy atmosphere is to learn the art of resting and abiding in God.

Rest shields us from chaos and busyness. It fights offensively against any negative that has infiltrated or is trying to infiltrate our lives. When we abide in rest, we hear God more clearly and the fruit of the Spirit manifest more easily.

Atmospheres of passivity are also impacted when people respond to what God initiates by taking responsibility for their own lives.

We choose to intentionally explore and mature our own relationship with Jesus because we are so delighted in who He is in us and for us. We stop looking for others to pull us along in our training, development and calling, and actively discover what our contribution is to every environment we encounter.

Then, practice giving thanks as a first response.

A person who is mature in rest has learned to respond to adversity with thanksgiving first for who God has promised to be.

Scripture encourages us to give thanks in everything because thanksgiving is a conduit for the environment of heaven to be manifest on earth. No matter what is happening, we find something in the nature of God to be thankful for and our focus shifts.

People who take responsibility for their own life also understand that God has given every person a piece of the puzzle they can contribute.

Atmospheres shift in favor of God’s activity when we practice rest, give thanks as a first-response, take responsibility for our own lives and contribute our piece.

Each of us have a part to play in shifting atmospheres. What part of your life is just waiting for a son or daughter of God to rise up and facilitate space for His goodness, His peace, His love, His joy and His activity?

Imagine the possibilities!

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