I was first introduced to Graham Cooke when he came to a church I attended in 2007. His talks exploded in my heart, setting off the release of so many of the questions I had been ruminating over for years. I would take these questions out and think about them, talk to other christians and put them back, not having received any answers that satisfied my inner man.

Then came Graham! I have bought and listened to nearly every cd series he has published! I have learned and grown and become a triumphant Christian instead of wallowing in the grief and shame of my past!

I want to jump and yell “THANK YOU” a million times a day to Jesus/God/Holy Spirit for just being! I am becoming all that God has for me to be and do each day! My attitude has done a complete flip from stagnant to voraciously devouring the Word each day and more importantly, LISTENING for everything God has for me that day! I actually have the relationship I have longed for but never knew how to achieve all these years of searching!

– Louise W.F.

Wow, thank you for this Louise!  Hearing how Graham’s teachings have impacted someone means so much to Graham and to everyone who works with him at Brilliant Perspectives, Brilliant Book House and Brilliant TV

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