Identity. It is the master key that unlocks our experience of our New Man in Christ. Being transformed is essential to our growing up in God. Have you ever hit a ceiling in your development or felt stuck in your current experience with God? You gird up and start to break ties, binding this and that, however sometimes you just need to use the key of identity to unlock our experience. You can then engage in the process of living in that fresh experience and encounter.

As you are being transformed by identity, you are taken into a higher place of abiding with Him. What you receive and learn from there must become foundations of your new reality; your new normal.

God’s primary purpose is to engage with your true identity in Christ so you can become like Him. His desire is to transform the way you see and think about yourself and about Him, until it is as marvelous as the way He sees and thinks. When you use your identity to unlock and upgrade your experience in Christ, you learn how to convert your experiences with your new nature into everyday reality.

Listen to Graham share more about Identity here:

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