God adores His conversations with you. He loves to talk to you about who you are and who He sees you becoming. He lives to share His good thoughts and plans about you. You being alive to Him means everything to Him!

Just be sure that you’re having the same conversation with Him that He loves to have with you.

Remember that God can only talk to the new you. He cannot—indeed He will not—talk to you or help you fix up your old nature. That’s like trying to do plastic surgery on a corpse! You died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. It’s His passion to connect with the new, true you in Christ that is emerging.

That’s the conversation that you want to be listening for!

Sometimes we fail to hear Him clearly because we’re listening for the wrong things.

We’re waiting for God to talk about our failures or everything we are not. But He’s not having that conversation with us. So when thoughts about our lack, failure or inadequacies begin, do we ever think to ask, “Who is doing the talking?”

Here’s an excerpt from my latest book, The Nature of Freedom, that explores this more. I wrote the book as if God were talking directly to you so that you can hear the resonant sound of His kindness, compassion and delight in who you are to Him. A divine conversation will always be filled with the character of His true nature, so hear that as you read.

When you operate from the old you, you are engaged in Failure Mode (FM), when you live in the new man you are involved with Abiding Mode (AM). I AM is attuned to AM not FM. So many times you pray like a widow in FM when you could pray like a Bride in AM. You must tune into what My Son has accomplished, and what the amazing Holy Spirit is training you to become in Me.

Beloved, he that is dead is free from sin. Dead people do not struggle, they rest in peace. That is why when you are overcome by a negative perception from the old nature, you must stop and ask yourself, “Which self is talking here? Is this the old man or is this my new man in Christ?”

God understands that maturity is a long road, but a fabulous journey. Don’t get so hung up on the outcome that you fail to enjoy the conversations with Him along the way. Just be sure, you’ve tuned in His AM mode to hear all of His good thoughts about you!


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