Who is God for you?

How you answer this question is the single most important thing in the world.

Your opinion of God, what you perceive Him to be for you, will drive everything in your life.

This is because the way we live is profoundly shaped by our picture of God in more ways than we realize.

For example, are you a sinner who struggles to love God or are you a lover of God who struggles with sin? Knowing the answer to a question like this will radically shape how you approach God and how you feel in your relationship with Him.

The more wrong our view of God is, the more religious and legalistic we will become, and the more we miss out on what He is really like. The truth about God’s essential nature will set us free to have incredible experiences of Him. This leads us to a knowledge of His manifest presence, which is our right because we are in Christ.

On that revelation of Him in our hearts He will not only build a foundation for our lives but also for the church through us.

The church is built on an individual and collective revelation of who God really really is, and if we don’t get it ourselves, the world isn’t going to get it either.

We better get busy exploring what God is really really like. Not only for our own sake, but also for everyone else’s.

I have been exploring what God is really like for years, and it has radically shaped how I live my life.

One of my favorite characteristics of God is that He loves to be faithful. This means that he has a fixed and determined love in His heart towards us. It’s a love that guards, keeps, watches over and preserves our life, even when facing challenges or feeling attacked.

The foundation for this love is a covenantal faithfulness that does not desert or abandon another, but rather conveys God’s affection for us. In this covenant, the Father and the Son have permanently dealt with sin, bringing us all into His presence.

The Father has been faithful to keep His promise by putting us into Jesus because of His unconditional love for us. His covenant with us will always be kept; it’s an arrangement that can never be changed.

Jesus is the covenant-maker, the guarantee of the best covenant of love we will ever enter into. Knowing this part God’s nature has been a foundation for how I process life. It’s an aspect of Him that I now expect to experience in everything I do.

So, I ask you again, who is God for you?

I pray you find a new intentionality in discovering what God is really like. It really does change everything for us!

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