For years, I’ve dreamed about creating a community of people journeying & exploring the depths of God & life together.

We’ve done this with our yearly events & social media feeds, both of which have been very fulfilling for me. However, I am THRILLED to announce another way to cultivate this kind of community and growth together!

We are officially (re)launching Brilliant TV today as a primary place for our community to grow together & access our highest quality content! Here are a few of my favorite elements of this new community platform…

1) Get mentored by yours truly every week!

Over the years, I’ve had countless people ask me for mentoring. This weekly class is my answer and it’s exclusive to the BTV community. This class will offer you relational and spiritual development through an online mentoring process. You will gain provoking questions, access to wisdom, and practical solutions for personal growth.

2) Access a Library of 75+ Hours of EXCLUSIVE & Transformative Content!

You’ll get unlimited and exclusive access to over 75+ hours of teaching, with new content being constantly added. These video series are not available anywhere else outside of BTV. Series include Developing Your Destiny, the Art of Thinking Brilliantly, the Epiphany, and many more.

Not only that, but I’ve curated “TRACKS” based on where you are with your walk with God, such as ‘The Theology Track’ or ‘The Character of God Track.’ Within these, I will offer a suggested path through the teaching and community engagement!

3) Engage in an Interactive Community of Like-minded People!

There will be interactive community forums, where you can discuss and grow together with like minded people. You can learn by yourself or with a group of friends.

The thought of this community and platform thrills me to no end. It’s going to be an enjoyable, engaging process that empowers us to trust and grow together. I can feel God’s delight and excitement on it, and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Watch the short video above for a preview of the NEW Brilliant TV.

And if interested, click here to sign up for your free month!

Thrilled to journey with you!

UPDATE: Here’s a FB Live Q&A I did answering questions & explaining more about BTV!