It’s time to move into the favor and promises of the Lord over our lives by no longer being weighed down by negativity.  Fear, doubt, and unbelief do not have a place in our hearts or minds because Jesus paid a price for them to be completely removed.

Where the world has taught us that we have to pay our dues and work our way up to the top in order to become successful, the Kingdom says that all our dues have been paid in full by Jesus.

God is looking for a people who actually believe we can have everything He promises because of the price Jesus paid.  This is not just a price for all our sins and negativity; it includes the fulfillment of our identity and dreams.

This year let’s go beyond our fears and inadequacies and come into our inheritance.  As we walk with Big Jesus, living in our promises and provisions can be our new normal.

To learn more about making this your reality and engage with a practical exercise, listen to the podcast above.

Enjoy discovering what the Lord has for you!

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