We are jumping into the third session of our theme of “Joy”.

In this portion, taken from the message “Joy That Strengthens” on BrilliantTV, Graham really dives in powerfully to the concepts and truths that should define our way of thinking and seeing, in regards to our joy, it’s rightful place in our lives, and it’s enduring power in our circumstances.

Stay tuned for a good challenge and encouragement from Michael Becchio at the end of this short clip:

At times, just taking in a handful of revelatory thoughts, and really chewing on them with God, can produce more transformation in us than hearing a dozen phenomenal sermons.

That’s why this time I’m going to encourage you to return to this episode a handful more times and listen to what Graham said again and again. His portion ends at about the 6 minute and 50 second mark in this episode, so you can just listen to there if you’d prefer not to listen through my outro again.


This clip was taken from Graham’s teaching: Joy That Strengthens within the video series Transformation Through the Fruit of the Spirit.

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