As Christians, it is our joy to show others the nature of God by exhibiting His nature everywhere we go.

It is easy to rejoice in God and give thanks when everything in life is going our way.

It is easy to feel His warmth and His delight in us when we aren’t being tested.

But what do we do when we are being tested?

When my heart feels heavy with stress about life going on around me: endless to-do lists, bills to pay, expectations to meet or crisis after crisis after crisis, it is easy for me to feel overwhelmed and burdened by all tasks in life.

It is easy to forget His limitless love for me. Suddenly everything feels like a chore. Even spending time with my friends. Even trying to relax feels like another task to be achieved. 

Graham said in one of his teachings, Times of Refreshing:

“God can give you victory when you feel most defeated. The goodness of God never ceases. The love of God never fails. So we’re learning to make ourselves vulnerable to who He is. We have no reason not to celebrate. Keep on rejoicing.”

What an important reminder! In order to not be overwhelmed by life and circumstances, we choose joy. We do this because at the end of the day, we still know who He is for us.

I know He is there for me. Sometimes it just helps to be reminded.

It can be a vicious cycle: if we feel stressed, we stop rejoicing. When we stop rejoicing, we feel more stress.

If you are struggling to get on top of whatever anxiety or circumstance you feel, if you can’t put your heart into thanksgiving or praise or worship, allow yourself to be reminded and refreshed.

How can you allow yourself to experience more joy? Look at every situation you’re currently in (at home, your workplace, at church, in your community, with extended family and friends, etc.) and focus on what makes each of these circumstances precious and worthwhile to you! Focus on the goodness and kindness of God in them.

We can always rejoice and take joy in the unchanging goodness of God 🙂

Doing something as simple as this can provide the key to refreshing you need. If you write down your thoughts, you can refer back to it in times of stress to soothe your spirit and turn a trying circumstance into a brilliant one!

So, where will you find new places to rejoice?