At Brilliant Book House, we offer a free MP3 teaching every month to our visitors. We like to choose a message that not only complements the other featured teachings, but can also help connect listeners to thoughts that may be brand new to them.

There is nothing more exciting for us than introducing people to renewal and revelation!

This month our free MP3 is Keeping Your Focus, a message taken from the Developing Your Destiny teaching series. You can learn more about that series here.

We know that one of the hardest parts of thinking brilliantly is staying positive and productive even in difficult or trying times. Whether you’re starting a new job, moving to a new place, dealing with a new problem, or facing an old issue, taking a BRILLIANT first step can often be tough. So what is the best way to start?

Have faith, but be patient.

Start from the end. Look at the end result you want, and work backwards from there. Picture every step that needs to be taken and then, one by one, take them.

When you focus on the positive possibilities, they are much more likely to occur because you’re engaged, encouraged and energized!

Here’s an excerpt from Keeping Your Focus:

Faith is the ability to call something into the seen realm from the unseen Kingdom, and patience is the calmness and the composure to wait for it to emerge. It’s always fascinating–those two things in the same space! Faith is a go-getter, patience is the calmness and the composure to wait for it to be got, and they’re both interacting with each other. I really like that paradox. It’s very fascinating to me because together they elevate the other to a level of belief and persistence that neither the world nor the enemy can ever understand.

 So think about the obstacles you may have ahead of you. Consider what may be waiting for you on the horizon. Don’t allow any negativity to cloud your thinking; instead, identify the ways to solve your problem. Make note of the possibilities and, one by one, get excited by them. There are so many different ways for you to overcome – it’s just a matter of deciding on one, and you will make that decision quicker and more joyfully if you do it with faith and patience. Give it a try!



If you’re ready to really delve into this subject, check out Keeping Your Focus today. Your God-given destiny is waiting for you. What obstacles will an increase in positive focus help you to overcome?