Learning to be present in the moment with Christ, means staying up to date with God’s current purpose for us. His focus is unbreakable. God is focused on our circumstances, our identity, our present and our future. He’s inviting us into the same kind of mindset.

There are three keys to brilliant focus. Firstly, making sure we’ve got no distractions from focus. Secondly, getting closure that will lead to the increase and growth of focus. Lastly, advancement.

Getting rid of distractions is simply adapting God’s focus to our present moment. He doesn’t demand this of us, but he commands it of Himself and it’s something we get to learn. He’s constantly focused on who He is becoming for us and who are are becoming in Him.

God is always talking about upgrades. So whatever we’re worried or unsure about, we have to get closure. And that’s not walking away from it, but replacing a negative with something more powerful in our thinking and language. Closure is about moving on from where we are to growth in our focus.

When our focus gets upgraded, we see things more clearly. Our hunger and passion to achieve that thing increases and we experience advancement.

Focus keeps us on track, the goal, where we are heading. He wants us to achieve what focus is training us to receive.

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