Relationships in the Kingdom are always changing and growing. Without embracing this process, we can easily feel confined and unable to grow. This involves us continually reinventing who we are and requires people around us to allow this process to happen.

When I encounter people in the process of transition, whether in ministry or in life, I often ask:

“What are you losing the grace for right now, and what are you becoming passionate about?”

When God introduces you to another passion that He wants you to have, you naturally begin to lose the grace for what you are currently doing. If your anointing increases, then something is meant to change in the atmosphere of where you are working. It is important that we allow each other to develop and become more. Otherwise, we create a coffin-like structure that keeps people in a box and doesn’t allow them to outgrow it.

The key in leadership, mentoring, and development is to find someone that has a passion for what you no longer have a grace for, and introduce them to the next stage of their life.

While you are doing this, you can then be developing your own passion because you have done the right thing by everybody around you. You are becoming more…and so are they.

The Church is meant to grow in this relational, functional way all the time. There is no hard and fast way of doing it. Everything ebbs, flows and fluctuates because it is all about the pleasure of discovering who the people around us are and are becoming.

There is no formula for this growth process because it is built around sensitivity and affection.

When people in my business are moving into a new level or opportunity and are losing the grace for a job that I need done, I view it as an expansion, not a contraction.

I consider the possibilities of adding another staff member or finding the current staff who would love to be doing that job. My heart is to handle the situation with affection and sensitivity to the Lord and one another.

Being the Church in leadership is about wanting the best of one another and desiring to see them grow.

It sees people for who they have become and supports them in moving into that place rather than confining them to a role that doesn’t fit them anymore.

The priority is to create space for others to experience what God is doing in them.

So what relationships in your life, business, or ministry are ready for an upgrade? Where is the grace and passion currently taking you to explore new areas of Kingdom development? And if your shift into those will leave a gap, who are you raising up to step into your role?

Make it an enjoyable, joyful process – because it is!

If you have a story to share, simply post it here in the comments or on your social media channel of choice and #wethechurch.

I would love to hear!

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