The clamor of life can be deafening at times. Jobs, family, friends and good endeavors all vie for our attention. We know that stillness is key in knowing God (Psalm 46:10). But how do we create a lifestyle of devotion that overcomes the noise inside our heads?

Stillness is an internal state of rest, not an absence of external commotion.

So often, we look for our answers by taking notes on a teaching that we’ve heard; when our best starting point is listening to His kind thoughts towards us.

A life of devotion means turning your heart towards God throughout the day—capturing one great thought of His and smiling with Him about it, allowing it to touch our innermost being.

We’re not thinking to merely gain knowledge. We’re encountering the mind of Christ.

So I’d like to invite you to begin a journey of devotional learning. What if all of your learning was partnered with soaking in God’s thoughts for you? And what is the developmental acceleration possible because of it?

I remember a meeting a few years back, beginning to walk up the conference platform. I had my Bible and notes in hand to teach on “The Kind Intentions of God.” But halfway up, the Holy Spirit said, “Grae, I’m not in the mood to teach tonight.”

“Okay,” I thought (thinking that would have been really useful information before now). But I know the faithfulness of my Friend, so I wisely asked, “What are You in the mood for?”

“Well,” the Holy Spirit replied, “How about if we didn’t teach this? How about if we prophesied it instead?” …And so we did.

I remember that wonderful evening. The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit would take turns saying what they wanted to say, sometimes almost overlapping in Who would talk next. It was such a joy to be with them in that moment.

I wasn’t teaching on the Kind Intentions of God. I was encountering it with everyone in the room.

Here’s a bit of what God said that night:

“You are not ordinary. You are about to discover just how extraordinary you are. Did you really think that you could live in Us and have Us live in you and be ordinary? Seriously? See [your life] the way We see it. Oh, We have plans for you. We have a purpose for you.

And it doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are. It doesn’t matter how close you are to leaving this earth, you can still finish well. You can still finish better than at your beginnings. You can still succeed and leave that legacy – be known for something and be seen as someone.

Don’t live disconnected from us. Keep yourself plugged in, by learning to abide.”

God wants to soak us in the Truth as much as He wants us to study it—so every month for a while, we’re going to feature a Devotional Soaking as a place of quiet, to still the busyness of life and renew your heart and mind with Him.

After you listen several times (even just to the excerpt link below), ask the Holy Spirit:

+ Where do I hear God’s affection for me in these words? (write a few of them down)

+ What two or three phrases stand out to me? What else does God have to say about those? (take notes on what you think and hear)

+ What are the promises in this word for me? (make a list and read it often)

Enjoy the art of devotional soaking as a catalyst in your relationship, understanding and experience of the Lord.

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