Graham, I’ve followed you for years; books, conferences and podcasts. Even had coffee with you and some other friends in Maryville, TN.

I’m pleased to report your messages and God’s truth have helped me greatly to enter His rest most of the time. I’m so very grateful for leaving behind most man pleasing and am experiencing greater physical health because of this deliberate choice enabled by the Holy Spirit.

I’ve been forwarding your free podcasts to my daughter who was brought up with Jesus but became “new-aged” in college. She’s a licensed counselor and I always read her blog posts. Some of them began to sound a little like you. I finally asked her if she listens or deletes. She said, “Mom I love them and actually subscribed to them this morning. I just bleep the Bible stuff from my mind.”

When I got off the phone I laughed because I knew the Holy Spirit was melting the wall the enemy had built in her understanding. Soon she will not be bleeping out the Bible part and soon she will be counseling from a Christ centered perspective and soon my grand-daughter will be encouraged to seek Christ by her mother.

Thanks for faithfully and courageously continuing all these years to share God’s brilliant thoughts with us. God bless you with continued wisdom from His kingdom and His Kingdom health and peace.

Thank you, thank you!! Bonnie

I was led to your ministry on line and have been soaking for at least 7 months. I just wanted to let you know that my prayer life has increased tremendously and my relationship with God has been so intense where I am hearing the holy spirit so clearly and prophecy is flowing from my inner man like flowing water. Please know that you living is not in vain.

Peace & Blessings – Chandra

Thank you Graham. My Jesus is showing me new things each day. The other day, i was disappointed with an issue. I didn’t act in faith. The kindness and his voice just impressed on me. Hey.. I’m just trying to give you a gift. It’s ok. We can try it again another day. Wow!! He is giving me new thoughts of him.

– Rachel.

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