What would a life of fullness with God actually look like?

How would our daily experience be different if we received God’s love to the same degree that He is loving us?

What would occur if we actually identified more the Prince of Peace than with the identity of the anxious world around us?

How would our language change?  What would we be thinking?  Who would we be thinking most about?

Instead of just hearing about what God is like and how we should live the Christian life, it’s time to encounter the enormity of what life in Christ offers us.  It’s time to exchange a basic experience of Jesus for a glorious one.

Today, let’s meditate on this “letter from God.” Hear it as Him speaking over you about this fullness & abundance of life in Him!

Now you are alive in Christ and He in you. It is time for you to have the same relationship with Me as He does!  Anything less than that is not the Gospel that He died to give you. The glad tidings of great joy means that great joy must be a key part of our relationship.

I want your peace to be as huge as Mine.  I want your rest to be as dominant as Mine.  I desire that the enormous depths of love that I have for My son should become your lifestyle in Him.  I have set My heart on you encountering the laughter of heaven as your earthly normal.

As a new creation, I want you to have all the experiences with Me that Jesus was dying to give you!

Because you have been raised to newness of life, all Our (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) focus with you becomes the new man.  We will only deal with the real you in Christ.  That is so exciting for Me!

New things are coming to you and they all originate in Me. Your freedom is My passion. Your upgrade is My delight.

I hope that listening to this letter awakens something deep within you to not be satisfied with life as usual, but to press in for a greater experience & partnership with Him.


PS. This “letter from God” above is from my new book, The Nature of Freedom. If it spoke to you, there’s plenty more where that came from! Feel free to order a copy here.