Our #WeTheChurch campaign is all about people sharing stories of how they bring the Kingdom into their everyday lives and encounters. It’s an absolute blast reading through your stories and testimonies!

It’s not always easy to look at your daily routine as an opportunity to make something BRILLIANT happen for other people, but it is definitely always possible!

If you need a little inspiration, we asked Graham for an example to share and he gave us a great one!

Joe’s Café is an institution downtown. Most mornings when I’m at home I’m usually in my favorite booth around 7:30am. Because of dietary restrictions I usually eat the same meal, which I seldom have to order. Carol and Kim are my two favorite servers, and I see and chat to them several times each week. Another staff member, Juan, also stops by for a brief chat when he is working.

I love these people. I feel privileged about the things I am learning about them. I tip generously. I have written cards to them telling them what I value and appreciate about them. Once, when going on a month long tour of Australia, I worked out the amount of tips that I would normally give and gave them a dollar amount to cover the period I would be away. No one has ever done that for them and they have been servers for 30-40 years!

I get hugs when I return after being away. We catch up on news. We smile and laugh and enjoy the early morning moments together. I love this routine and am delighted to share it with these lovely people.

The people you see every day – the bus driver, the mailman, your co-workers, fellow students, etc. – are all opportunities to practice kindness, compassion, enthusiasm and yes, even patience!

When you see daily interactions with the people around you as chances to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit, you’re giving everyone involved a gift – especially yourself!

So how can you bring an extra bit of brilliance to somebody today? How have other people done little things for you that have made a big impact? Share your stories with us in the comment section below!

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