We all have moments of doubt. Challenging circumstances can wear our faith thin. Uncertainty about the fulfillment of a promise can leave us feeling hopeless. The list goes on.

Here’s the good news beloved…

We don’t have to stay stuck in doubt. God actually wants to use our current situations to cultivate confidence in us.

A key for us is to simply learn how He likes to do this.

When we know what He is doing in & through us, we can spend our time in His presence receiving revelation, guidance, and love instead of giving into doubt and the fear it creates.

Of course, this is not normally our immediate experience. We must learn to resist the urge to doubt God when things take longer to happen than we want or expect.

Remember, we live in Christ, not our circumstances. He is our rest and peace.

Confidence is the consequence of abiding.

I want to run and not be weary; I want to walk and not faint. This boundless, sustained energy only comes from spending time with God. We can’t receive it through the laying on of hands or some other form of ministry; it only grows from resting in the Lord.

So today, if you dealing with doubt, consider changing your focus to the confidence that God is actually growing in your life. Perhaps, it’s the absolute perfect opportunity to practice abiding in peace, joy, and rest.

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