We are not governed by externals. We are led by the Spirit.

When we live from an external perspective, with no awareness of what’s going on inside of us, we are subject to all the stress and pressure from that realm.

When we live from the inside—out, we are subject to the culture of the Spirit—of joy, peace & power.

Everything we really want in life comes from living within Christ and within ourselves. In order to prosper in all our situations, we must develop a life from the inside—out.

So I ask you, what current perspectives in your life are driven by external circumstances? What does it mean for you today to live from within? Ask Holy Spirit.


P.S. For a more detailed understanding of this inside—out lifestyle, be sure to pick up a copy of Towards a Powerful Inner Life. In it, we explore how to submit our outer man to our inner man so that nothing from the outside world will be able to shake who we are in Christ.