Every circumstance is loaded with upgrades, we just have to learn how to look for and expect them.

When I say upgrade, I am referring to an increase or improvement in your current life situations.

I know there are hundreds of these “improvements” just wanting to for us to claim. When we live life with Jesus, we must learn to look for these upgrades or we may miss out on the blessings that He has for us.

In order to start thinking like this, we must understand that all of our circumstances have to bring us a gift. Since we belong to Jesus, all our circumstances are in Him and He is in them for the purpose of giving us things.

Because we are in the Kingdom now, we are subject to a different level of sovereignty. This means that nothing can bring us down, but everything can take us up.

We are Kingdom people, and it’s time we start thinking and living in a Kingdom way.

The next time you are facing a tough situation, consider saying,

“I am a Kingdom person. This has to bow the knee. I am going to stay standing until this situation yields me to what God wants me to have, and I am not being moved away from my hope in the Gospel.”

This is a mindset, and a mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.

We just have to learn how to use our current circumstances to get those unclaimed upgrades in terms of faith, authority, identity, the fruit of the Spirit, blessings, and favor. Difficulties, problems and circumstances are meant to continue our walk of happiness and joy. They are not meant to deprive us of the fruit of the Spirit, rather bring increase.

Did you know that a problem can actually increase our patience, joy, peace, and our sense of being?

Several years ago, I had a situation that really was about an upgrade in patience. This particular situation ran for seven months, and in that time period, I stored up enough patience for a small company of people! :)

About six months later, I hit a situation that went on for another five months and required supernatural amounts of my patience. It was an unrelenting every-single-day battle!

I totally won because my patience allowed me to do so. I came out of it with upgrades in the Spirit, new friends, some cash and all I did was use the patience I had stored up! :)

So what upgrades are supposed to be yours right now? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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