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This Blog article is taken from content based on “It’s Over!” A series on Brilliant TV that is based around Graham’s landmark book, “The Nature of Freedom.”

God is totally focused on Christ in you.

Nothing distracts Him from that… not your current challenges or behavior – He is singular in His focus. He can only believe in who He already sees you to be in Jesus.

So… what DOES God absolutely and totally believe about you?

  • He believes that you are His beloved, completely accepted by Him in Christ.
  • That you are His friend, no longer merely a servant.
  • That the Father loves you with every ounce of the same passion that He loves Jesus with.
  • That you are the apple of His eye, His chosen one before time ever was.
  • That you are His expert workmanship, His beautiful poem.
  • That you are wonderfully made …a marvelous work in His eyes.
  • That His plans for you are good, with a good future, full of hope, that has a good outcome.

The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit believe that nothing on heaven or earth can separate you from His unchanging love for you.

  • He believes that you are a new creation in Christ. Old things have passed away. New things have come.
  • God believes absolutely and completely, that the fullness of Christ dwells in you and that He has has given you all things that pertain to life and godliness.
  • That you are a joint-heir of the Kingdom with Jesus… and the Holy Spirit is confident of His ability to teach you and help you inherit it fully.
  • God believes without question that He is able to finish the work He’s started in you: to make you in His image… so that “As He is, so are you, in this world.”
  • And God absolutely and completely believes that on the cross, Jesus gave Him His greatest gift: He gave Him you as part of the family He always dreamed of.

You are the gift that Jesus gave to the Father. A new, resurrected you!

This is a good pause point. Consider reading that part again, several times.

Let the truth of what God believes about you wash over your heart. And when you’re ready, continue reading below.


So the key question for you in reading these things is: Are you believing the same thing?

Do you believe what God believes about you?

Beloved, the antidote to your present is not in sorting out your past. It’s in the future God has for you being determined.

And as my dear friend Kim Clement sang, “God sees you in the future and you look much better than you look right now.”

The antidote to your present is to share God’s reality about your future: full of hope, full of promise, full of possibilities. Nothing is impossible to Him. He really believes that.

He’s not concerned that you you’re still in the process of understanding how great your salvation is. That’s your present, not His future. And He believes in your future because He’s in charge of it.

What if you believed what He believed about your future? What would change for you then?

If every circumstance, every situation, EVERYTHING is about you being made into the image of Christ in you – your hope of glory.

If every person you encounter, if every unexpected event is a training opportunity for living as the new creation you are. What changes for you?

I know… everything, right?

From that perspective, our lives become fueled by the possibilities of the future, not shackled to resolving a past that is no longer alive to God.

…And we know that God has an experience of goodness and kindness just ahead of us, so we walk towards that.

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