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This Blog article is taken from content based on “It’s Over!” A series on Brilliant TV that is based around Graham’s landmark book, “The Nature of Freedom.”

You know, on the days we behave more with the habits of the old man than the new man – we can simply press pause on our old behavior in the present, and then re-align ourselves with our true identity in Christ.

Then we can press play and look forward to what Holy Spirit is teaching us now.

We can become confident that God has a provision of Himself to give us that we’ve not encountered yet… so we begin walking towards Him, expecting His goodness, anticipating His kindness, believing we’ll encounter His love and provision for us.

We abandon our sin and shame, as we turn and go towards God and and say, “Okay Papa. What have I not seen about You that would cause me to act like that? And what encounter with You do I have to look forward to?

That’s living present / future.

That’s a life that is God-conscious, not sin conscious.

Sin now is a habit that is always upgraded because we have an advocate with the Father: Jesus Christ the Righteous One.

And we know that God has an experience of goodness and kindness just ahead of us… so we walk towards that.

Everyday, in every circumstance, you are being trained to live from your New Man, not your old one.

The Holy Spirit is with you as your trainer, coaching you day by day, moment by moment. This is the life God is singularly focused on. That’s the one He believes is possible.

Do you believe it too?

Sure, being transformed into His image is a radical transformation, and God is happy about that.

He created a life that would be impossible without Him… but is TOTALLY possible with Him.

He is always with you. He is always your True North. Your oneness and unity with Him breaks every power against you; every poor expectation around your life; every negative word spoken.

So continue to listen and think upon what God believes about you.

Go back and read the previous article in this series and continue to let Him expand that list of “how He sees you.”

What else does He believe about you?

At some point, write those things down. Add them to the list we started in the last article.

Listen and keep receiving the truth about what He believes about you. Then, continue to read those things aloud, and craft a simple prayer of thanks.

Here’s mine:

“Thank you that You believe this about me. Thank you that you are making me into Your image. Thank you for Your unchanging kindness and goodness in that process. And thank you that your spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You… is making Your future for me, my experience of today.” – Amen

You get the idea 😊

You can use my prayer, but you’ll probably end up writing a better one.

Notice that you’re not asking God for what He has already promised you. Your part is to simply thank Him for it.

As always, relax fully into His nature of freedom, peace and love. And enjoy being with the One who loves you best.

Catch you next time.

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