With the calendar year coming to a close, I invite you to entertain a simple practice I’ve done for years that has been pivotal to my growth in God.

I love to take time at the end of the year to review and evaluate the major areas of my life. As I go about the process, I am intentional about recounting the specific lessons that I have learned, who I have become, and who God has become for me. I then look ahead to the following year, and see where I am going and who God wants to be for me. I am always looking for my next upgrade!

Reflection allows us to look at our journey with God; it helps us take stock of who we are becoming and where we are at in life. It gives us the key to see who God has become for us and who we have become in Him.

As you take note of 2016, be intentional about where you want to go with God and what upgrades you want to receive in the coming year.

As you begin to ponder this last year, you may find yourself recounting memories of specific places where God has shown up and what He has done for you. You may see a specific aspect of His nature that is now apart of your life. No matter the breakthrough or upgrade, you must remember to record them as part of our story and journey with God. They are now your new normal, and anything below that is no longer who you are.

Take some time this week to sit with a journal and reflect back on 2016 and map out 2017. If interested, use these six questions as a guide…

  1. What is one or two stories of something major that God did for you in 2016?
  2. What upgrades and/ or breakthroughs did you experience this past year?
  3. Who did God become for you? Who have you become as a result?
  4. Who do you want God to be for you in 2017? Who do you want to become as a person?
  5. What specific upgrades and/or breakthroughs are you looking for this year?
  6. How are you going to manage the breakthroughs you received last year?

As you go through these questions, I hope you find the areas of your life where God has or is desiring to transform you into His image. He is always growing our identity in Him. Everything we experience and encounter in life is an opportunity to be made in His image and experience more of His fullness.

I pray the upgrades of 2016 become your new norm for 2017, as we all continue to experience more of who God wants to be for us!

PS) I would love to hear about your upgrades from 2016 in the comments below.

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