It’s impossible for the Father to see us disconnected from His love; it’s not in His nature nor ability to do so because He is unchanging. In fact, He is not even available for change, so we don’t even need to think about it happening.

We just get to focus on how permanently connected to His unchanging love we really are.

We can stop struggling to be one with Him, because He is not struggling to be one with us.

You see, when the Father put us into Jesus, He also put us into His unchanging nature. This means that nothing depends on what we do or on how we perform because everything depends on who He is.

We don’t get things from God because of our good behavior, we get them from Him because of our placement in Jesus. Jesus has settled the issue once and for all: God’s heart is not divided towards us, and nothing can separate us from His love.

For more on His unchanging love, watch the short video above.

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