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Love the Learning.

**This week’s podcast is from special guest, and long-time friend and creative partner, Allison Bown.**

This week I’m excited to share with the Brilliant community several keys that have been vital in my relationship with the Lord. I am going to talk about, “Loving the Learning.”

Ever get that feeling that the more you learn, the less you really know? Or that you’re constantly feel stretched, but never changed? We can often feel unsuccessful in our growth and development, even as we are growing. What we may have learned most was what NOT to do, but now we realize there may be a new learning that needs to happen in our relationship with the Lord. 

This is where Loving the Learning has been key in my life. It has allowed me to remain encouraged despite these feelings and thoughts.

We are always learning and practicing. That is great news! With God, we can never fail a test…we just get to take it again until we pass. That is how committed God is to our learning. He is passionate about us growing into something new – to look just like Him. Our encounters with His goodness and kindness are never limited by our situations. 

On our good days, and even on our bad days, He is loving our learning. God does not delay His love of our learning until we can do it well.

Learning in the Kingdom begins in the heart and mind of Christ in us, not our natural eyes or logical brains. Our eyes naturally processes and our brain reports to us what it perceives is real. However, in Christ, we’re recreated to see with a different set of eyes: the eyes of our heart.  The eyes of our heart recognise God’s presence, no matter what is occurring because they see with faith and trust beyond the natural.

We all occasionally find it difficult to love our learning. If that happens to you, ask the Holy Spirit to show you what He thinks about it. Always remember, the One who knows the way, the truth and how to live it, is living in you. 

Nothing can separate you from His love, or His love of your learning. You’re in a safe place to grow with Him. Enjoy it!



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