The great thing about journeying with the Lord is that He knows how to keep us day after day in every kind of situation. There is no circumstance, there is no situation, there is no set of events where He does not have the power, not only to keep us, but to prosper us in those situations. He can turn everything around for our good. He has a particular genius at this whole kind of thing. That is a fabulous thought for me because in all of the ups and downs of life, God is the One remaining constant.

The one thing that the Holy Spirit is teaching us is to be as constant as God is because as He is, in Himself, so are we in this world. We get to learn how to be constant, how to be consistent, how to be faithful, and the biggest part of that whole deal is you cannot become constant, and consistent, and faithful unless you know what it is like to be kept by God.

You know what the Lord is like: He has to originate everything. Something about being a Creator, He is always creating. So He creates a place for us in Himself, in His heart, in His affection. He creates this place for us and as we live in that place, all the benefits of that actually come into our lives. He creates this place and says,  “I will keep you, and because I am going to keep you, out of that place you can learn to be as constant, consistent, and faithful as I am because My keeping of you is all about you discovering how constant, how consistent, and how faithful I am. What I AM for you is who you are in Me!”

     What I want from you, I first of all give to you. That’s Who I AM!

A great thing, too, about our journey is that because He delights in us, we get to journey into a place of delight in Him. It is really important for us to travel with God in joy, in laughter, in delight because He is faithful, powerful, and intentional.

Whatever we are facing in our life today, it is important that we face it with a real enjoyment of who God is for us, that we actually enjoy His gladness and His pleasure. Journeys are like adventures. They take us into places of paradox. A paradox is two apparently conflicting ideas contained in the same truth.


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