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(This video is an invitation to join the brand new Brilliant Community Page. Press play to learn more!)

Sharing our story and journey is one of the most effective ways we will ever demonstrate the Kingdom to others.  It is a way of meeting each other in the place of real need and establishing an honest relationship.

And this is why I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about the Brilliant Community Page, a brand new way for our community to engage with each other!  This new piece of real estate on Brilliant Perspectives is a place for you to tell your story, journey and engage in thought provoking, dare I say Brilliant, conversations.

Please explore and take advantage of these new opportunities to join various conversations and tell the community about yourself!  (See it & share here!)

The Brilliant community page has three amazing features for you to explore and engage with…

1) Brilliant Questions.

My team and I will be regularly posting a question designed to make you think in a different way expounding on it & then inviting you to answer said question.

I’m especially looking forward to this feature, as I’m a strong believer that the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you’re asking!

You can regularly visit these questions and contribute your voice to the conversation!  If a question sticks out to you, please leave your response in the comment feed, and then return back and see what others have said.

Share your thoughts on today’s brilliant question here!


2) Brilliant Conversations.

There are SO MANY phenomenal conversations happening across all of our Brilliant channels including the blog, Facebook, Brilliant TV & even among our customer service.  This feature is a chance for us to showcase those conversations and invite YOUR feedback!  These conversations will typically feature a statement, quote video, or activation and then invite you to share your perspective and story in light of it!

This week, we’ve featured a conversation about the kindness of God.  I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts about it here!


3) Brilliant Stories.

There is so much power in our testimony and I have, for years, wanted to create a space for you to share your story with us—as it relates to the collective journey we’re on together.

If your life has been challenged and impacted; if you have had a deep revelation that has inspired real change in you, whether that came through a teaching, through worship, fellowship or (my favorite) from a direct encounter with the Father, this is a space for you to share it.  Tell us what God changed for you, and the new mindset you developed.  Also, feel free to include a conversation starter, such as a question or a prompt for further dialogue to unfold from your story.

Read an example of a great story here and submit your own!

I’m so excited for the page to offer a brand new way for the Brilliant Community to engage with each other, so share your response to a question, engage in a conversation, and tell us your story.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

PS) Be sure to visit the Brilliant Community page and explore the featured questions, conversations, and stories here.