(This video is the full episode from this week’s Brilliant TV mentoring track.  To celebrate the New Year, I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!)

What if 2018 was your year for creating a rhythm for living which produced tremendous transformation in your life and your walk with God?

This can happen and so much more by learning to develop a harmony with the nature of God that empowers you to grow into the person He sees you as.

For many years, I have cultivated a practice, called the Rule of Life.  It has deeply blessed my relationship with the Lord and empowered me to grow in exponential ways.

Having a Rule of Life in place acts as a filter for your thoughts and changes your pattern of behavior, giving you the ability to relate to God no matter what circumstances arise.

Developing your own rule of life is well worth it; I promise! 🙂

To learn the first steps in this process and give God the opportunity to start something amazing with you this year, watch the video above.

And then let me know what is going to be your rule of life this coming year.  I can’t wait to hear.

Happy New Year!

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