God is both our Healer and Keeper; He doesn’t bring pain, sickness, and suffering into our lives to teach us about His nature.  In Jesus, we can view ourselves as a well person fighting off sickness, not a sick person person trying to get well.

When we bring this perspective about our circumstances into our relationship with the Lord, we are able to experience the Fruit of the Spirit in a way that keeps us focused, sharp and connected to His presence.  We are empowered to practice patience, rest, and hear His voice.

To learn more about this perspective and experience Him as your Healer and Keeper, watch the video above.

PS) This clip is from a recent Q & A Episode for the mentoring track on Brilliant TV.  To view the full episode and the rest of the series, Transformation through the Fruit of the Spirit, click here to sign up for a free 7 day trial.