One of my favorite endeavors is considering how we can better serve our Brilliant community.

We’ve discovered a good portion of our community are working through the journey of life after kids and are experiencing challenges (and exciting possibilities!) unique to this season of life.

We are excited about launching this new focus for this reason:

God has a special purpose for empty nesters!

Many in the Brilliant team have shared the journey of an empty nester. We’ve discovered hills and valleys, triumphs and challenges. We can say from experience, these are each more navigable with a friend. And, they can be an absolute joy with Jesus as our guide.

In the Kingdom, we are all learning how to see things properly; thinking about them positively, and learning the language of possibility so that we learn to grow upward in our lifestyle.

This season is a time to discover possibilities in God yet unseen! A time to discover a deeper understanding of purpose and enjoy a rising confidence in Jesus.

It’s for this reason we at Team Brilliant are excited to launch this new program, specifically crafted for Empty Nesters. Whether you are facing this time as a single person or with a spouse, these sessions are designed to equip you for success in relating to adult kids, (even boomerang kids!), how to properly help adult children in crisis, exchange feelings of regret and resentment for possibility in Jesus, how to pray crafted prayers for your kids that actually get answered, and how to leave an impactful Kingdom legacy.

It’s a privilege for BP to be part of this project, overseen by Bridget and Dionne who have our full support. It’s a joy for us to invest in and support the ongoing development of this program at the highest possible level.

Personally, I have had the privilege of walking with Bridget and Dionne for a number of years. They each show evidence of transformation in their own lives powerfully.

Dionne’s ability to father and lead was a prime reason for inviting him to serve as president of Brilliant Perspectives. Like Dionne, Bridget is a sought-after person in industry for her leadership, organizational and people skills. They make a fine team in life, ministry and homebuilding.

Each member of this team has both personal and professional credentials that qualify them to lead this new program. Each has at least 20 years of following teaching here at Brilliant. They believe in using sound principles in building, nurturing and developing the key people in their lives. Nowhere is that more evident than in their family and in the homes of their adult children and their spouses.

I have spent time with their children in their family setting and in a business environment. They are kind, loving, gentle, powerful, and fun to be around. They are open, honest, respectful, humble, and delightful.

Bridget and Dionne have made excellent business partners in Brilliant Perspectives. I am deeply impressed by them. They are builders who know how to bless. Freethinkers who explore life without fear. People who can trust God because they learned how to trust the people that God gave them to. The key people in our lives make an imprint for good or otherwise. The formative ideas and principles you learn from Bridget and Dionne will stay with you for life and chart the way forward for you. I know this to be true. I’ve seen it in the van Zyl family and in my business.

Join Team Brilliant for discussions and a discipleship process that will reinvigorate your dreams.

God has a special purpose for empty nesters!

You are good soil. I encourage you to invest in yourself and your growth in the Lord. How might your life look differently if lived from a place of purpose, peace, and passion? We have designed this to be a safe place for you to process your growth in Jesus and to align yourself with what Jesus is redeeming in you right now.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me share my heart with you about our new program.

I appreciate it and I hope you will consider joining us in this exciting new venture with the Three.

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Graham Cooke

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