A testimony from Robbie about her experience feeling renewed, challenged and restored through the daily practice of listening to the devotional soaking message Fresh Love Every Day in the #OneYearChallenge.

Good Morning… I mean that quite literally. This word and how God is using it to open my eyes and ears to His Truths has made my mornings more tolerable.

I am 61 and there was a habit of sin, fear, and dread that greeted me every morning. I would try to ignore it but the lies only pointed to how long they had been around. Every day was me trying to wrestle away from what I believed was inevitable. Peace escaped me. My marriage failed. I would run for miles trying to get endorphins to last. I gave into drinking and no longer could fight. Lost my job of 34 years and left in shame. Growing up there was not 1 day I didn’t live in fear, insecurity, and self hatred. My husband remarried and now travels to Europe with someone else. I thought he would stand by me but he could not. 

So this began my real journey into knowing the love of the Lord. Totally alone with no escape from myself. The last 5 years has been tough but I believe it took a lot to get my attention away from old thoughts and habits.

When I heard this word, I knew it would start to usher in change and it is. I am getting the tools I need to start to experience peace that I can access. It’s not a miraculous whoosh but a steady truth. There are a lot of practice times and I’m learning to give myself room to learn. 

I sense The Lord is teaching me to live in the Kingdom here everyday and to open myself to Grace and Freedom. He is meeting me in the center of myself and proving He is really here. 

I look forward to more and, Graham, I cannot thank you enough for being faithful to what you hear.

Very sincerely, Robbie

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