Our life with God begins with a funeral.

We cannot have new life unless the old is dead and gone. Our ever increasing knowledge needs to be: I am dead to the old, and I am alive to the new.

What do you find yourself focusing on more? The old dead you or the new you alive in Jesus?

Our focus determines what we give life to. We often find ourselves dealing with the old, when Jesus has already taken care of him. We can stop fighting the old and start living in the new. There is no need to look back to our life before Christ; this only stunts our growth in Him.

Our focus is to solely be on who we are becoming in Him. This is key to a life of freedom in Jesus.

If you are fascinated with your new nature, meditate on this “letter from God.” He is serious about us exploring our freedom in Him. He is 100% done with the old, and I think we should be too.

In My eyes, your old life has already met its demise and is finished. The Cross has set you free from your old man; a sin nature and a selfish lifestyle. When I died, so did you. I did not just die for you, I died as you.

When I was buried I took your old man with me and when I was raised from the dead I left your old man behind. He cannot ever be resurrected. It is gone, finished, forever. You died in Me, then a new version of you was raised from the dead through My glorious workings.

Now you and I are walking together in a completely new and totally different life. Your old self was crucified with Me so that everything connected to that life could never make it past the grave. We are united together always and no one and nothing can ever separate us.

Beloved, I am so excited that We are together as resurrected beings. All the old has passed away and you are My new creation in Jesus. I give you the beautiful, always amazing Holy Spirit to empower and support all your learning as you experience My life in you.

You are no longer a slave to sin. It is no longer your nature. I have removed it. All that remains is your attachment through memory to a habit, which can be broken by our partnership and relationship. He who is dead is entirely free and I will teach you and show you the reality and the power of that freedom.

Beloved, let’s keep exploring our freedom in Christ! Hope it helps!


PS) This “letter from God” is from my latest book, The Nature of Freedom. Learn more about it here!