How many times have we gone through the same situation more than once? When this happens, it can leave us feeling frustrated and asking God why.

But what if God was actually using the situation to teach us about our new identity in Him and the situation keeps coming back around because we have not learned how to become new?

In the new man, God makes all things new, giving us the opportunity to make our situations and circumstances new. We are learning to be a new person that no longer reacts to the situation, but instead responds to God.

So then, the critical issue in every circumstance is not the situation; it’s us, because God designed the situation to empower us to pick up a new part of our identity.

As we step into newness, we get a new picture of the situation. This puts us in a place where we have the power in the situation rather than the situation having power of us.

For more on approaching your situations from a place of newness, watch the short clip above.

PS) This clip is from a much longer series I did called New Man Theology. If interested, you can watch this episode and the full series on Brilliant TV. Click here to sign up for a 7 day free trial!