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Bringing the Kingdom into your everyday life can seem a little daunting at first, but as with all things, practice makes perfect!

To provide a little encouragement, we wanted to share this video from Not For Sale, an organization that fights human trafficking and slavery all over the world. Graham has supported this cause for years and in doing so has helped establish a number of restaurants in Amsterdam that help former sex workers get back into legitimate employment.

Something as easy as a small monthly donation to a worthy project is enough to make a huge difference down the line. Whether you’re investing money, resources, time, or energy to a good cause, it’s a great way of personifying what the Kingdom is really like. A world where we support each other’s creative endeavors and personal development? What could be more BRILLIANT than that!

What charities, causes or projects do you enjoy supporting, and how? Tell us all about them, and don’t forget to check out Not For Sale for yourself!