Your challenge is to let go of negativity and move away from doubt and fear.

Focus on becoming more like me.

Fresh Love Every Day

You have been listening to Fresh Love Every Day for eight months now – When you have meditated on this part of the message, what does the Lord say to you about the challenge of becoming more like Him?

Learning to live in God’s goodness is a starting point I believe we can all get to.  After all, we can all feel lost in the fog a little sometimes in our lives, but coming back to the simple truths of God’s love and His goodness can refresh our heart and spirit, and enable us to push away negativity.

Spend time time today thinking and journaling about what areas of your life you need to let go of negativity.  Sit in stillness, listen to Fresh Love… and ask the Lord to allow His goodness to wash over your life.  Make a list of all the parts of your life that are being impacted right now by the goodness, kindness and love of God.  

Once you’ve done this I would encourage you to spend some time in worship and thanksgiving towards the Lord.  Invite Him into the areas of your life that you still need help with.  

One thing I know about God is that He never turns out an invitation to be with us. Not ever.  

Enjoy this journey with your Heavenly Father

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