Do not carry over the weight of yesterday into this day. Give it up to the Lord and allow Him to refresh your heart and your spirit.

This is essential to understanding how to achieve longevity in the renewal of your mindset.  Afterall, how can you have a renewed mind if you’re carrying the trauma and weight of yesterday? 

Trusting the Lord with your sorrows and difficulties is an exercise in what it means to love Him and understand His love for you.  It shows that you know what unconditional love is. 

God already knows everything about you, so there is no point in wasting time feeling ashamed in front of the Lord. And so, when you go to bed tonight, ready to rest and recharge; think about this before going to sleep. 

What can you let go of?

What can you give to the Lord?

What if tomorrow you made a commitment to trust your troubles to God?

He is a God who loves to give you things, Beloved. A heart that is at peace; refreshed and living in joy is one of the greatest gifts the Father has set aside for you.

P.S. Take some time to journal and sit in prayer on this topic.  Think about how you can apply it to your life.  If you have a testimony to share about the positive impact daily devotions to the Lord are having on you, please share in the comments below.