In Kingdom learning the outcome is always defined first;  God shows you the end result and tells you “this is who I am making you into.”

We have to unlearn the way the world works, because the Kingdom is very different. In the Kingdom, the Lord establishes who you are and then you work FROM that place. 

Once He’s shown you the outcome, then you have to understand that there is a process that is designed to establish a lifestyle, not just to receive  something but to stay there.  By going through this process you can become the person you and the Lord want you to be, and the best part is, you will get to a point where you never have to learn this lesson ever again.

His Divine Power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.

2 Peter 1: 3

This means that everything in God is there and available to us.  Imagine that, Beloved?  Not only living from a place where we understand that His love is made new for us each day, but also operating from the place where we accept that His divine power is available to us each day!

When you understand that God’s divine power and His intention are in the drivers seat of you life; then all of a sudden facing adversity and frustration become an opportunity to find out what God is going to do next in your life; and  what He is going to release in your life.  

Asking the Lord, “Father, what is it you want to BE for me right now?”  Go head, ask Him and then sit in your spirit and feel His response to you.

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