In our world we have many ideologies, vying for their place in the center.  But goodness, truth, honesty, kindness, integrity, character and love are just a few of the central traits of Kingdom living. They must be the ruling principles of how we govern our lives day-to-day.

As believers we have to embrace those parts of ourselves that reflect the character and the nature of who we KNOW God to be.

Becoming downcast and discouraged happens, of course, but staying in that place of demoralization is sometimes a choice we are making.  We tell ourselves our own sad story, over and over, and we tell it to anyone else who will listen too. 

But allowing a Kingdom mindset to come into our thinking, instead of negativity, can change your WHOLE outlook on a situation. It can give us a fresh lens.

“It is our role in the Earth to be captivated by love in the face of malignancy; to be captured by who God is and to come into a place in our relationship with God, where we have a radiant idea of who He is, we have a radiant idea of the Kingdom, we have a radiant idea of church, and we have a radiant idea of ourselves.”


Next time you find yourself rattling off a list of complaints about things that are going wrong, stop and ask yourself:

What does it ever achieve to dwell so heavily in your woes? What does it build? What does it strengthen? 

If the answer is nothing good, then let’s have a new thought, ok?  Let’s reject that voice and invite in the Holy Spirit.  Ask Him what He wants to say about your current situation.

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