Looking back at my 45+ years in ministry, I have wondered sometimes about the longevity of having such a strange and unconventional life.  I have been blessed to travel the world teaching and evangelizing; I have written over 22 books and recorded hundreds of messages and now teach on Brilliant TV.  All of this makes me marvel at the faithfulness of God to me.

I take nothing for granted in my life because I have seen so many ministries come and go, and seen Beloved friends get hit hard by life.  I’ve been hit a few times myself and every time I have made the choice to get up and lean on the Lord. 

I am more in love with Jesus now than ever before in my life.  His hand on my life is evident every single day and my gratitude to Him fills me up.

This is the feeling I want to help establish in everyone I meet and everyone I talk to.  That’s why Brilliant TV means so much to me, because it gives me the ability to talk to people anywhere in the world and share what I have learned. 

Living life in the spirit means being renewed and refreshed; it means cultivating a mindset that can keep that freshness, and it means challenging yourself go deeper and allowing the Lord to make you anew, with His fresh love, every single day.  

This is one of the cornerstone messages of my life, and that mindset and lifestyle is available to you too!

I love all this new learning and I love to share it with you all.  I want to hear from you about what you are learning. 

What revelations is God showing you?

What’s changed in your spiritual perspective since you started this new devotional journey??

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P.S. I have been in the studio recording some extra teaching for the upcoming months of this journey.  Check your inbox one month today!