It’s easy to fall prey to a life of circumstances, challenges, and obstacles that are sub-par to the place of fullness that God has for us.

I understand that life can be hard, but no hardship can outmatch the magnificence and majesty of God. He has already given us the upgrade and the answer.

We just have to know what to focus on!

Every time we encounter a difficult situation we have a choice:

I know where God gets excited! He wants our life circumstances to grow us. He desires more of Jesus revealed in us, because He is intentional about us maturing into His image. He is passionately committed to our freedom increasing. And He is brilliant at partnering with us in this process.

He has already determined how He is going to see our difficulties in life, and He is eager for us to experience Jesus in these circumstances. Through relationship with Him, we gain keys to an upgraded life of fullness and abundance.

This is the lifestyle He has made available to us!

Today, try meditate on these words from God. Perhaps your perspective might change. You may even find the key to your current challenge!

Beloved, your life is not how you find it. It is how I make it.

I know every pitfall, every difficulty that you will face in the course of your growing up in Me into a place of authority, fullness, maturity, and favor.

The answer to everything is always going to be found in the Person of My Beloved Son. There is no other name or way to be saved outside of Him.

There is no other discipling process in the way of salvation than by the incomparable Holy Spirit who is your Helper, Trainer, and Comforter. No one is more imaginative than your Heavenly Father at creating opportunities for growth and transformation.

Is anything too hard for Me? Is there any situation where I cannot be magnificent towards you? I know how to deal with every eventuality. In truth, you’re hurdles are not much of a challenge to the power of My loving-kindness, goodness, joy, and patience.

Jesus has already given us the answer and the breakthrough.

I hope you find your upgrade in Him today!


PS) This “letter from God” meditation is pulled from my recent book, The Nature of Freedom. Here’s a bit about why I wrote it the way I did…

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