We need you to take every last ounce of favor out of this place because we so believe that we’re destined for big things, and we’re growing here as a community and we’re not messing around. We want to be strong and do exploits around the world. We’re pulling on God for some big things. We have some interesting and unique difficulties here, which are preparing us for greatness.

We’re learning about majesty, and we’re learning about sovereignty, and we’re learning how to rejoice, and we’re learning how to receive under pressure, and we’re learning with a smile on our face! This is a good day for us. We have some really fascinating problems and difficulties, which I am happy with! It would be nice to have some bigger and better ones, but we’ll just suck on these for a while. That’ll be fine!

The point I want to get across to you here is that we’re not looking for this time to be over. We’re just determined to enjoy every situation that occurs and find in it everything that God is for us, and discover who we are in the process because you know what? If it wasn’t this situation, it would be another one! I like the ones we have right now, and then when we get bigger and better problems, that will be cool as well because we’ll just end up bigger and better!

Do you see the attitude you need? I like my current circumstances. They’re wonderfully challenging. A couple of them are really nicely impossible, so I’m fascinated by them. No, honestly! I’m not just messing around here. I am really fascinated by the unique challenges and difficulties that I am facing right now. I am really intrigued. I am enjoying them more and more, and I am fascinated by who God is going to be for me in the midst of all of them. I am fascinated by the promises that God has given me. I am fascinated by how God plans to develop me in them. I don’t care if they go away or stay. Do you know what? If they leave, better ones will come!

I am really happy with where I am and the challenges I have because I’m not looking at those, I am looking at who God is, and I’m discovering the twinkle in His eye, the smile on His face, the bigness of His heart towards me, the greatness of His plans. This is a good day in the Kingdom!


From: The Way of the Warrior.