God is happy to walk with us to His intended outcomes for our lives. Therefore, we can live each day with a grateful expectation of God’s best for us, as we trust that He is faithful to accomplish His purposes in and through our lives

How does patience lead to life transformation with God?

1. Patience is the intended outcome of tribulation.

Paul had a wonderful way of attracting and releasing patience into his difficult circumstances. When you get a chance, read and think about Romans 5:3-5. Paul saw that if we count everything as joy, then we could exult in tribulation as a first response to a situation. This is possible because we know that tribulation is designed to create patience. Wherever tribulation reveals itself, patience is present to release a power that enables us to prosper and rise up in our true identity.


2. Patience produces expectation.

When patience is engaged, it produces an expectation that means we cannot be disappointed. Paul followed up this line of thought in Romans 12:12, ”Rejoicing in hope (expectation), patient in tribulation, continuing instant in prayer.” Patience works in two ways with expectation. One, it leads to the outcome of mature, confident anticipation of good. Two, it attaches our rejoicing to expectation and becomes the process by which we inherit.


3. Patience realigns us with heaven.

Without the advantage that Patience gives us, we’ll rush past those key opportunities for practice and growth. We’ll succumb to the earthly culture of “faster is better” and miss recalibrating our hearts to the rhythm of heaven. […]. Let’s partner patience with delight… knowing how happy God is to walk with you today towards His outcomes of tomorrow.


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